Sports Leaders

At Highcliffe we have an army of sports leaders who support children with learning new skills and playing different sports in their lunch times. This year a team of Year 5 children have taken on the responsibility of planning, setting up and leading activities for younger children on the astroturf. We are incredibly lucky that these brilliant children choose to volunteer their own time to support the younger children at our school. They even had to write an application to get their job! These children also form a key part of our sports committee where we discuss how we can improve both our lunchtimes and PE lessons at school.

  • “I love teaching younger children new skills and doing that with my best friends”
  • “I really enjoy making sure that younger children are having fun!”
  • “I really like making sure everyone knows what they have to do.”
  • “We really like seeing the younger children smiling and having so much fun!”
  • “My favourite thing about being a sports leader is that I teach them things and they teach me!”