In our curriculum, the development of the pupils’ spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary are integral aspects of the teaching of every subject. English is both a subject in its own right and the medium/tool to learn and express oneself. Fluency in the English language provides access to the whole curriculum and is an essential foundation for success in all subjects. The knowledge and skills in our English curriculum are sequenced and designed to ensure continuity and progression. The English curriculum is taught to be remembered, not merely encountered. Children feel empowered through acquiring knowledge and making connections between the different parts of their learning.

We achieve this through understanding the cognitive science of the working memory and the power of retrieval. We understand that for knowledge to be stored in the children’s long-term memory, we need to build on it, retrieve it and form wide and deep schemas. This is achieved in a variety of ways including knowledge organisers, low stakes testing, repeated practise and spaced retrieval.