At Highcliffe we offer a number of extra-curricular clubs, some of which are run by Highcliffe staff and others that are run by external groups.


Please see below the timetable for extra-curricular clubs for the Spring term starting 10th January 2022.

Club: Location: Day: Pick up:
Football  Astroturf/ Greengate Hall Monday 3:20-4:30 Greengate Hall
Multi sports Astroturf/ Greengate Hall Tuesday 3:20-4:30 Greengate Hall
Zorbing Elmfield/Greengate Hall Wednesday 3:20-4:20 Elmfield/Greengate Hall
(External club)
Cooking  Lionheart Room Wednesday 3:20-4:30 Lionheart Room
Aveea STEM  2MG (KS1) Thursday lunchtime N/A
(External Club) 6AP (KS2)
Dodgeball Greengate Hall Thursday 3:20-4:30 Greengate Hall
Martial Arts Elmfield Hall Friday 3:20-4:20 Elmfield Hall
(External Club)
Arts & Crafts Lionheart Room Friday 3:20-4:30 Lionheart Room

Please see the links to the letters below should you wish your child to attend any of these clubs. 

New Clubs Jan 22
Laser Tag & Archery clubs
Aveea Academy