Early Years Foundation Stage
Within this page you will find detailed information about the curriculum coverage and progression in EYFS

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child as they start their schooling career here at Highcliffe Primary School.

We are very proud of our school and the ethos we have embedded - our 6Rs are introduced as soon as the children join us in EYFS ensuring they have seven very happy years with us. Each day is always full of smiles!

We care passionately about each and every one of our children and every member of our team ensures that the children are cared for, happy and nurtured.

We understand how daunting starting school may feel for both you and your child and the emotions that arrive with it. Therefore we always endeavour do our upmost to ensure a calm, smooth and enjoyable transition into Highcliffe. We understand that working with parents is a vital part of making sure each child reaches their potential therefore we are always here to support you at any time during your child's time at Highcliffe.

Through choosing Highcliffe, we would like to reassure you that both you and your child have so much to look forward to. We will create lots of life long memories and ensure that your child flourishes within our incredibly happy school.

Below you will find links to information pages and documents detailing the EYFS curriculum, including how it is organised and the developmental stages. We are always on hand if ever you require any further information. Alongside our formal parent evenings, we will also warmly welcome you into school for parent information evenings, stay and play sessions and many other special events throughout the year.