PE Grant

PE Grant

Every primary school is receiving funding from the government to spend on raising attainment in PE and sport.

Highcliffe Primary received £9800 for spending on additional provision in 2013-14 and £9820 in 2014-15.

Staff have looked at evidence of how best to make the impact of this spending sustainable and effective and it was agreed to spend the funding on:


Resources such as balls, bats, storage, large PE apparatus and outdoor equipment for lunchtime and playtime have been purchased and are in use to support the activities provided in PE lessons, After School Clubs and also physical activities during social times.

Curriculum resources

We have purchased a number of items, such as topic specific PE packs and the School Swimming Charter pack from the ASA to enhance the development of skills within PE and swimming lessons. We continue to seek resources to support the provision of alternative physical activities, such as Disability Sport and Yoga.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) of staff

CPD has a long-lasting impact and training has been provided for staff to develop skills further. Training for staff has included attending courses on Dance for both KS1 and KS2 and swimming rescue training. As part of the training and development, a bank of resources was purchased and this has impacted on improving further the high quality of teaching and learning in PE.

Membership of the South Charnwood School Sports Partnership (SCSSP)

This brings networking and inter-school opportunities and has significant returns for a small financial commitment. Staff from Highcliffe have attended CPD courses provided by SCSSP and pupils have had opportunities to enter sporting competitions. It also includes accessing further opportunities to support the well-being of vulnerable pupils through developing knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyles and developing fine and gross motor skills to impact on reading, writing and mathematics.

Pupils at Highcliffe Primary have accessed The Leicester-Shire and Rutland School Games through this programme and have entered a variety of Inter-School Competitions, which include sports such as football, netball, swimming, tri-golf and multi-sports activities. Highcliffe Primary School will continue to be part of the South Charnwood School Sports Partnership into 2015-16, working alongside them to access CPD for Highcliffe staff and sporting opportunities for pupils.

A Play Leader was appointed to promote physical activity during morning break and lunchtimes. The activities targeted vulnerable pupils or those in need of occasional support. The Play Leader also supported curriculum PE and swimming lessons, using the skills she had developed as a Sports Apprentice.
Young Sports Leaders will be appointed in the autumn term of 2015-16. They will receive training to continue to develop physical activity at break and lunchtimes and to promote healthy lifestyles to fellow pupils.

Community Sports Projects

The School Sports Grant will also enable Highcliffe Primary to work with the Leicester Riders Professional Basketball Team – work is planned for 2015-16 for Community Coaches and players to work with the children to provide activity sessions, an after school club, access to competitions and a mentoring scheme.

Additional work at no direct cost is also undertaken to raise good standards still further. Sports co-ordinators across the South Charnwood family of schools meet regularly to plan activities and share ideas. At times staff training is shared across the group. Multi-sports events are run by The Cedars Academy’s Sports Leaders (students undertaking Physical Education GCSE and A Level) who also help at school sports days.

We plan to develop the use of House Teams in 2015-16 to increase opportunities for competitions to take place within school. We envisage this will be well received and popular with the pupils.

Further work will include:

  • Developing the role of the Sports Leaders to promote physical activity and healthylifestyles
  • Introducing and embedding the new House system, increased opportunities to takepart in competitive sport
  • To use external coaches to impact on the quality of teaching and learning further ofthe pupils, CPD for staff and to enable access into further competitive events, suchas cricket.
  • The PE Co-ordinator will attend Oadby Learning Partnership PE meetings to sharegood practice. They will also be part of the new-look South Charnwood School Sport Partnership to enable pupils to participate in competitions and events organised by the Sports Leaders at The Cedars Academy.Working towards School Games Mark
  • Continue to develop physical fitness of children through external coaches and sportsclubs as well as internal Physical education lessons and clubs. Staff will be able to access coaching awards to enable further After School Clubs to take place.

Highcliffe PE Grant 2016 – 2017
Highcliffe PE Grant 2015 – 2016


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